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The Ancestral Home of Dr. Rathburger

Dr. Rathburger's ancestral home has been in his family's possession for countless generations. It's origins seem almost prehistoric from its original location on the Crimean peninsula. Rathburger Castle was transported to Aztlan during the Bolshevik Revolution by Dr. Rathburger to prevent it from coming under communist control.

Along with its great halls, numerous bedrooms,  apartments, libraries, galleries, workshops, and laboratories,  the castle is filled with artwork and antiques that had come into his family's ownership down through the ages.

Hidden away from the rest of the world, it is from Rathburger Castle that Dr. Otto Rathburger runs his campaign of terror against all the global powers. The factories and refineries of the castle are powered by a geothermal power plant that Dr. Rathburger added onto the castle when he moved onto the island.

Secret rooms and passages connect the many exotic living spaces with the dungeons of the castle which run deep into the ancient tunnel networks of the island. It is in these shadowy depths that Dr. Rathburger has warehoused many diabolical devices and experiments gone wrong that may one day be useful in his quest for power.

Dr. Rathburger & the Castle Staff Members

Dr. Otto Rathburger

Having come from an old-world, old-money background; the world has always been his toy. Although he may seem like a cowardly spoiled brat, there is no risk he will not take to further his cause of global conquest. The eccentric engineering genius of Dr. Rathburger has never run short of funding for even his most mad-cap experiments.

With the Soviet takeover of his land and the onslaught of angry villagers, he was forced to move his stronghold laboratory to a remote island where he remains in hiding from the KGB and other global authorities. Over the years he has woven such a tangled web of lies that and keeps forgetting his pseudonym and cover stories.

Dr. Rathburger seeks global domination amongst other things but once achieved is usually too busy creating new doomsday weapons to maintain the business end of conquest. His lab is his family’s ancestral castle, imported from Eastern Europe.  His lab looks like the set from “Frankenstein” with plenty of chain falls, workbenches, and electrical equipment. His creations are built with ”Steam Punk” styling.

Dr. Rathburger is scarred over most of his body due to the catosrophic failure of many experiments. His left eye, which he refers to as his monocle, is a cybernetic lens that can see into the infra-red spectrum and it is rumored to have x-ray vision as well.


Jeanetta Bloom

Jeanetta is Dr. Rathburger’s lever pulling assistant. Her origins are mysterious and anyone who dares to explore her past may find themselves staring into the same dark secrets that have driven her to the edge of complete madness.

As a former field assistant to the renowned archaeologist Dr. Herbert P. Eldrich, Jeanetta has delved into arcane lore of the ancients while on a dig in Egypt. The forbidden knowledge she acquired in the extensive tunnel network beneath the Giza Plateau has immersed her spirit in an abyss of unimaginable frustration and despair. 

She is driven to help Dr. Rathburger out of a Hell-bent fury that is barely contained by her icy demeanor. If given half a chance her wrath could possibly end the world as we know it. There is no end to the torment and misery she is willing to inflict and is just barely held in check by Dr. Rathburger. (It's amazing what some people will endure for a paycheck.) A typical Jeanetta response to a 'successful' experiment would be, “Is everyone dead yet?”.  

Jeanetta's personality tracks somewhere between psychotic to melancholy, although she does enjoy the occasional night on the town and shopping for clothes that suit her "Goth/Emo" fashion sense.



The Help

Ever feel like the boss doesn't even know your name? Are you given the most menial tasks and are expected to stand around at some else's beck-and-call at all hours of the day without complaint? Have you become a mindless minion for an uncaring system that will discard you like an old piece of resale furniture at the first sign of trouble? Then you are perfectly suited to work for Dr. Rathburger.



Jaroslav Rathburger

Just when Dr. Rathburger though he had to deal with every problem on the planet, along comes his nephew, who creates a whole new range of headaches. Jaroslav is a devout follower of the Communist Party, a proud citizen of the U.S.S.R. and a K.G.B. agent. He insists that his "Uncle Otto" come back to the mother country to use his vast wealth and scientific knowledge to help the communist cause. Dr. Rathburger is far less than enthusiastic at his nephew's view on moral responsibility.




Dr. Eva Blut

Eva started out her career in villainy by working her way through college as an assistant to Dr. Rathburger (the assistant before Jeanetta). She lost her position with Dr. Rathburger after being frozen by a Glacier-gun and being left for dead. She later changed her last name to 'Blut' after joining a team of international assassins while earning her Doctoral Degree in biology. After seeing the bill for her college loans, Eva used what was left of her family's fortune to build an army of cyborgs to take down a Savings & Loan corporation based in London that she was indebted to. Her plan was foiled by a British Secret Agent and again she was left for dead. Eventually Dr. Rathburger hired Jeanetta when she came by looking for Eva and her family's money. In the meantime Eva roams the world taking on assassination contracts to help pay off her student debts. Zareena

Madam Zareena is a gypsy fortune teller of great talent and has been an advisor to the Rathburger family for many generations. However, it's unclear as to whether her talent is as a psychic or a con-artist. At the age of ninety-seven she shows no fear of anything and her keen wit is unfaded by time. She has no qualms about taking what she wants and going where she chooses. It would be unwise to get in her way.

Jeanetta's Workstation

There are very few places in Rathburger Castle that Jeanetta can actually consider her 'personal space' so she is very protective of anything she can call her own, so it's not a good idea to mess with anything at or around her workstation.

Jeanetta's workstation provides her a front row seat to every disaster that Dr. Rathburger is willing to inflict upon the unsuspecting world.

If there's a weapon of mass destruction that needs to be launched or remotely operated, Jeanetta will be ready to activate it from the comfort of her workstation. With his signature battle cry "Throw the switch Jeanetta" Dr. Rathburger has unleashed the power of any number of diabolical devices that have been wired into Jeanetta's control panel.