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We're all puppets...

Life on Aztlan

Aztlan is the crossroads for many mystical forces on a galactic scale. For that very reason the life forms on Aztlan vary from exotic to bizarre. Pristine beaches, impenetrable jungles, toxic swamps, ancient ruins all become the backdrop of a rich and colorful array of creatures. 

Mutants, Aliens & Madmen

It may be the mild climate, the cross-section of ley-lines, or possibly the work of an insane travel agent, but for some mysterious reason Aztlan has attracted the attention of many extra-terrestrial beings and deviants from around the world. If you find yourself wanting to go there, what category would you place yourself in?


Conservator Unit L-7

This mysterious metal humanoid wanders around in the background of either Dr. Rathburger’s or Prof. Balonium’s lab trying to avert disasters before they become insurmountable. Neither of the scientists remembers creating him but they are usually to busy to question why the robot is there in the first place. 







This asymmetrical mutant that wanders around in the background of Dr. Rathburger’s lab and Prof. Balonium’s lab often steals equipment for some unknown purpose. Neither of the scientists remembers creating him but whenever he comes on the set, the scientists are usually distracted by some self-inflicted disaster and are unable to find out what Sporge is up to.




Mr. Rockman (Stone Giant)

Mr. Rockman is a local Moai that has been living in the tunnels beneath Aztlan long before there were any human inhabitants. He is waiting for the next mass extinction that will finally eliminate the noise of humanity from his quiet island retreat. Although patient, he has found it necessary to occasionally  remind his neighbors that 'Silence is Golden'.





Is it a mutation, an alien, the next step in insect evolution, or possibly a failed experiment in matter transference? Whatever the case, this creature has been seen buzzing the villager's flowerbeds and has been pollinating plants all over the island.






Flower Girl

She is thought to be one of Prof. Balonium's former employees that meddled with one of his experiments in photosynthesis. Although she could be one of the island's indigenous plants or an alien spy. Whatever the case, the Beeman seems to find her irresistible...







If you have any doubt that there are any 18th century styled pirates in the world, these two buccaneers will gladly give you a history lesson. With little provocation they will beat you near to death, take anything of value you may be carrying, steal your ship with all its cargo, kidnap your women, torture you for the whereabouts of any hidden treasure and burn your village down, all the while saying "Arrrr" excessively. And if still need any convincing after that, they'll make you 'walk the plank' or just 'run you through' with a cutlass.



The Clown in a Straightjacket 

You may be asking yourself, "Why would a clown be wearing a straightjacket?" But if you look at the way they act it's obvious; they're crazy!  







 The Greys

The Greys have been visiting Earth for ages and you would think by now they would have established a solid base of operations and taken over the planet, but for the most part they just don't want to deal with humanity. There are plenty of habitable planets out there, why would you want to associate with a bunch of brutal ape-men that will steal your technology and use it to destroy your civilization and/or themselves? So while the Greys wait for the next mass extinction to eliminate our species, they do stop by occasionally to pick up a few genetic samples.

Global Powers, Spies & Assassins

It's the 1950's Cold War era and the entire world is on constant alert as world leaders play a deadly game of chess with nuclear weapons. There is no safe haven as NATO forces try to keep Communism from becoming the dominant political power on the planet. Not even the remote island of Aztlan is safe from the threat of WWIII, but to be fair the rest of the world is not safe from Aztlan either.


Dwight D. Eisenhower 

After a long and successful military carreer that allowed him to rise to the rank of Supreme Allied Commander during WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower became the 34th President of the United States during one of the tensest geo-political struggles in human history. The fear and paranoia of the 'Communist Threat' that was established during his terms of office helped to set up a Military-Industrial Complex that would be the envy of every government in the world. By establishing a vast intelligence gathering network through the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. the P.O.T.U.S. was able to control public opinions through anti-communist mass media and suprress knowledge of alien flying saucers.


Nikita Khruschev 

As Premier of the U.S.S.R. Nikita Khruschev had to deal with the murderous and brutally oppressive legacy left behind by Joseph Sahlin. In spite of dwindling economic resources and the open hostility of the NATO alliance, his regime managed to keep an iron grip of control over the Soviet Block countries. By exploiting the technological advances gained during WWII, the Soviets were able to escalate the Arms Race and laid the foundations of the Space Race with the Sputnik satellite program. With the help of a well-established military force, the K.G.B. and a host of anti-capitalist propaganda newspapers, the Communist Party was able to create an environment of such fear and paranoia that the soviet citizens would report anybody, even family members, for anti-Soviet sentiments. 


Mao Zedong 

When Mao Zedong became the Chairman of the Communist Party of China he redefined what it meant to be Chinese and put all his efforts into modernizing a nation that was steeped in tradition and ancestor worship. By appealing to the youth through his writings and ongoing campaign of brainwashing propaganda, he started a cultural revolution that turned children against every established institution including education, art, religion, and even their parents. His revolutionary policies caused a cultural upheaval that cost the lives of millions of his citizens but brought his country onto the world stage as a global power with nuclear capabilities.



An invisible army moves through the world maintaining the balance of power all around the globe. Mysterious disappearances,  unexpected deaths, and the bizarre quirks of fate that prevent any one government from getting the upper hand are all the work of ninjas. If you actually see one of these mysterious men in black, it is likely that you are their next target. It's probably best that we all pretend that they don't exist.



 Millitary Intelligence Section-5 (MI-5)

Although the British Empire is a shadow of its former self, their influence on international affairs will always be felt on one level or another. The espionage division of MI-5 has been exceptionally active during the Cold War with secret agents stationed in all the major cities and infiltrating every embassy, military compound, and corporation around the world.  



 Les Femmes Fatale

There are many women that are seductively dangerous, but these three young ladies have turned it into an overtly expressed art form. Each has developed their own unique style for dispensing their quarries. Rita May Rider is an expert sharpshooter with every manner of firearm, Dr. Eva Blut is schooled the art of poisons and has and affinity for razor-sharp blades, and Mysteria who has mastered the martial art skills of the ninja. Together, they form a deadly force of assassins that can take down the most powerful men in the world.

The Ancient Gods

As to what the ancient gods actually are is a source of much speculation: an advanced race of aliens, the embodyment of humanity's dreams made physical, or maybe they really don't exist at all. If you are an unbeliever you can ignore this section altogether.



The Hindu goddess of the night is well known for her ferocious might and has been seen wandering about carrying a scimitar and a severed head whose blood she is catching in a bowl. In addition she is wearing a skirt of severed limbs and a necklace of skulls. If you encounter her it is probably a good idea to greet her respectfully and move on quickly. 


Contrary to popular scientific beliefs, there are many forces that defy rational explanation in the universe and those forces really don't care whether scientists believe in them or not. When it comes to humanity's ability to grasp 'Greater Reality' our feeble rationale collapses when encountering the simplest paradox. It is here that we find beings that toy with the 'sound minds' of our world.


Collective Uncoscious (CU)

With all the experiments with mental enhancements that Dr. Rathburger and Prof. Balonium perform it was only a matter of time before they would encounter this ultra-powerful giant. The Collective Unconscious (C.U.) is the Jungian embodiment of all humanity's thoughts, emotions, dreams, and willpower. As a collective, the C.U. protects humanity from mental threats such as nightmares and any alien consciousness that may try to impose its will on humanity. The C.U. dwells in the Shadow Realm of the Mind where the spirits of madmen and lunatics wander about in search of their lost sanity.




Cube has the unique distinction of being both a place and a persona at the same time. He is a paradoxal force that exists as a sub-dimension between an infinite number of realities that make up the multiverse. Cube is an artificial life form known as a Tesseract which allows him to occupy an infinite space within himself and anywhere outside of himself all at the same time. His existence outside the time/space continuum has allowed him to be instrumental in his own creation. Cube has made it his mission to maintain order in the midst of chaos. 



The Angel 

Angels act exclusively under the directives of the Heavenly Host, so if see an angel it usually means that you're getting a message from a higher authority to do something you really don't want to do or that you're in a lot of trouble. Most people seem to delight in the heavenly presence of an angel until they find out why they are receiving a visitation and by then it's too late to run away. Nope, you can't escape an angel; they move really fast.




The Devil

Whether you believe in him or not, no introductions are necessary. Too many people are familiar with this scoundrel and the promises of wealth and power he offers in exchange for a soul. He is capable of taking many forms and goes by many names as he worms his control into every seat of power on the planet. His ultimate goal: chaos, calamity and finally Armageddon!






Gremlins are the bane of humanity's technology. They were first noted by military airmen whose lives were dependent upon the careful maintenance and upkeep of their machines. A gremlin in the system forebodes disaster. One possible explanation for their existence is that they are the physical embodiment of the souls of machines that have become obsolete; once discarded the spirit force of the machine lashes out at its creators by any means available to it.



There are few beings in the universe that are as hard working and committed to their profession as Death. His office of operations is located in a realm known as the Da'at along with the Deaths from many other worlds, where they interview all the souls of the departed to determine their final destination. In order to keep up with demand he has set up several underworlds on Earth as waiting rooms for those souls he has scheduled for their interview. Occasionally he has found it necessary to go into the 'World of the Living' to gather lost and wandering souls. (See the Undead below)

Werewolves (Lycanthropes)

It is unclear as to whether being  a werewolf is a disease, spiritual possession, or some kind of mental disorder but for those afflicted with lycanthropy will find themselves roaming around with every Full Moon with the worst case of insomnia you've ever seen. It is doubtful that the werewolf is actually related to the wolf in any way but it is nearly impossible to get any genetic material to test. The aggressive behavior, physical distortions, and hair-growth is primarily their main association to the lupine species. Any encounters with persons afflicted with lycanthropy should be treated with extreme caution.


Juan Two-tree

This is the result of chopping down two trees that were occupied by fairies; a man transformed into a plant-man and forced to clean up the mess for all eternity. Juan has been 'The Janitor of the Jungle' for Aztlan ever since his unfortunate run in with Fairiedom. For over a hundred years he has been searching for a magical flower that will transform him back into his former self and free him from fairy control. Until that day he must serve the indigenous tribe of nature spirits on Aztlan as the cleanup crew for any environmental disasters. Dr. Rathburger and Prof. Balonium keep him very busy.


There are many explainations for the origins of the 'Little Folk' but none are quite satifactory in explaining why they are here or what they are up to. Most rational people don't even believe they exist, so if you happen to 'Pixies' and 'Sprites' you have obviously lost your mind.

The Undead

Although these unassuming creatures attempt to stay in the background they have become notable horrors through myth and legend. They have done their time with life and are content to be uninvolved with the 'living' while they wait for processing by Death to get into the afterlife.



These bodyless souls spend all their time wandering about without any physical limitations while they wait for oblivion. They are perhaps the most boring supernatual beings in existence and are quite content repeating the day-to-day tasks they performed while living. Occasionally a ghost may make some minor attempt to interact with the 'living' just to 'shake things up a bit'. They are largely ignored by most people who don't believe in them or lack the sensitivity to feel their presence. For the most part its hard to tell whether you are are actually seeing a ghost or just imagining things.



'Spirits' may seem a lot like ghosts, but are far more annoying. They are complete non-conformists and are contrary to everything the dead should be. In life they tended to be stubborn, bull-headed control freaks; in death they spend all their time messing with the 'living'. Beyond the usual nagging feelings they project into the people they haunt, spirits are also prone to possess humans, animals and objects. They are known to violently lash out in a surprising variety of ways at any living being that upsets them. Spirits will not leave their haunts until they get their way or are evicted from the premises through exorcism.



These walking fossils end up in the strangest places due to the fact that most of the living do not recognize the skeleton's undead status. Without having any muscle-mass to move them around, the skeletons must rest frequently and often end up getting buried or placed on display in a medical exhibit. In addition to the ongoing stress of dogs treating them as chew toys, sometimes the 'living' will incorporate the bones of a skeleton into a work of art like a ribcage chandelier, a cup made from a skull, or a flute made from a thigh bone. It's unclear how the skeletons feel about their treatment since they don't have vocal chords and only make clacking noises whenever they try to talk.




Zombies are the most notorious of the undead due to the stench of rotting flesh that comes with them. They are however, the socialites of the undead realm and will zealously pursue human companionship with a complete disregard for the reaction they get from the 'living'. Acting like an obnoxious coworker with bad hygene and nothing of value to say, a zombie will pursue anybody that takes notice of them. Zombies are often mistaken for vagrants and beggars in crowded cities or obnoxious coworkers with bad hygene and nothing of value to say.

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