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The Aztlan Village of Chicomoztoc

The village of Chicomoztoc or 'Place of the Seven Caves' is the central port for all the islands activities. The people of the island are Aztecs; speaking a combination of Nauhatl, Spanish and English depending on who they are associating with. 

They are fully aware of the professions of both Dr. Rathburger and Prof. Balonium. Other than having to deal with the occasional explosion, escaped monstrosity or backfiring doomsday device the 'Mad Scientists' have also brought a great amount of wealth and technology to Chicomoztoc.

With the help of their two eccentric benefactors, the villagers have been able to build schools, hospitals, and trade networks that have converted Aztlan into a modern urbanized paradise.

The villagers are very protective of Dr. Rathburger and Prof. Balonium and will do whatever they can to maintain the “secrecy” behind the scientists’ habitats and activities. They will also go along with whatever lame cover story the doctor and professor has chosen for the day. The Mayor and Police Chief (See Below) will even go as far as having any outsiders arrested on any minor infractions if they pose any kind of threat to the scientists.

The villagers are native to the island of Aztlan, the Island of White, from which the Aztec nation are said to have arisen. There is a distinct Aztec motif to their style of dress that is combined with more contemporary fashion. They also maintain many of the ancient traditions and rituals. The village of Chicomoztoc itself is an archaeologist's dream; full of ancient temples and tombs along side modern dwellings. Many of the ancient temples link up with the tunnel network beneath the island and to the legendary 'Seven Caves'.

Villagers & Visitors


 Mayor of Chicomoztoc

Mayor Chicomecoatl (Seven Serpents) has served several consecutive terms of office for Chicomoztoc. He is more than aware of the presence of Dr. Rathburger and Prof. Balonium on their island. In fact, the Mayor along with his administration has accommodated the needs of the two scientists by allowing full port access for any of their shipping needs along with overlooking any environmental accidents their experiments may cause. With these policies in place the island's economy has flourished. 


Aztlan Police Chief

After long and successful athletic career as a ullamaliztli player, the Police Chief Chimalma (Shield-Bearer) turned his attention to maintaining the peace in Chicomoztoc. His legendary speed and strength have served him well in protecting his peoples livelihood and keeping outside interests from corrupting their Aztec way of life. 
Chalchiuitl (Jade)
Chalchiuitli is an outspoken member of the community and in addition to being a member of the Chicomoztoc Rotary Club she has set up a coffee shop, a hair salon, two clothing stores and a tatoo parlor. She is also very active with setting up sacrificial rituals and festivals for the village.
Acalan (Canoe)
Acalan is the inkeeper and bartender at the Tlaltecuhtli Grille. He is well known for his cullinary abilities and has been schooled in the ancient herbal arts of the Aztecs. In the rare event of down-time, Acalan enjoys attending ullamaliztli ball games and going on shamanistic retreats to commune with the island's nature spirits.
Citlalmina (Shooting Star)
Citlamina is the owner of the local flower and gift shop. In addition to flowers, stationary, beads, incence, coffee mugs, and other nik-naks, Citlalmina also has also put together an extensive collection of exotic feathers, bones and scraps of fur which can be woven into costumes for the villager's many holidays and festivals.
Huitzilin (Hummingbird)
In addition to serving as a priest at the local Aztec temple, Huitzilin also spends a lot of time coaching ullamaliztli ball games at the local college. He is a spirited speaker and prides himself on  the modernization of the Aztec people. Due to his progressive actions the people of Chicomoztoc no longer practice ritual cannibalizm and they now limit human sacrifice to special holidays.
Teyacapan (First Born)
Teyacapan is the daughter of Acalan and has served as a waitress at the Tlaltecuhtli Grille for several years. Her grandfather had schooled her in the mortuary practices of the Aztecs and she spends a couple hours out of every day organizing the catacombs beneath her father's pub. Teyacapan is a talented singer and has dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. 
Totchli (Rabbit)
Totchli is a local graphic artist and likes to contibute cartoons to the village newspaper. He spends most of his time as a taxi driver and tour guide for visitors to the island. He has been making counterfit Aztec codices which he has been selling as souveniers and treasure maps to the less-informed tourists.
Xochitl (Flower)
In addition to being a math teacher at the local high school, Xochitli is the keeper of the Tonalpohualli (The Aztec 260 day Spiritual Calendar) in the village's central clock tower. By synchronizing the Xiuhpohualli (Aztec 365 Solar Calendar) up with theTonalpohualli, it creates a 52 year cycle which allows Xochitl to determine all the Aztec holidays, festivals and the end of the world which will be coming in 1960. 
Meztli Itotia (Moon Dance) 
Meztli Itotia is the local mariachi band that plays at the Tlaltecuhtli Grille on a regular basis. They also get regular venues at all the village festivals.
Ocarina has been a singer at the Tlaltecuhtli Grille for several years and has been performing on a circuit through the archipelago where Aztlan is located. She appears to be some kind of whale-person but refuses to give out any information on her personal life or origins. When she sings she is capable of  reaching eight full octaves in perfect pitch. When her performance is complete the only payment she requires is one dozen seal burgers cooked medium rare with a side of deep fried herring and a kelp salad.

Dr. Herbert P. Eldrich

Dr. Eldrich is an accomplished archaeologist, anthropologist and folklorist. In addition to being a tenured professor at Rakham University, he is also the producer and star of his own documentary series called "Amazing World of Eldrich". His crowning achievement is finding the lost island of Aztlan after 17 years of extensive research on the history and origins of the Aztec people. Much to his surprise the inhabitants of Aztlan didn't realize that they were lost.

Annubia is a brilliant graduate student from Egypt that has served as Dr. Eldrich's aid while he creates a series of documentaries. She is fluent in twelve languages and is an expert in linguistics which she applies to her many clever witticisms and keen observations. In filming for Dr. Eldrich, Annubia is devoted to capturing an impartial reality and committed to a policy of non-intervention in all the Doctor's affairs.



Rita May Ryder

Being the daughter of a wealthy land owner in Texas afforded Rita all the comforts her oil baron, ranch owning father could provide. Like most young girls Rita liked animals, but she mostly liked them stuffed and mounted as trophies. Much of her childhood was spent on safari where she became an expert marksman. Over the years she built up an extensive collection of guns, knives and other exotic weapons. While she was still in finishing school her father was forced into bankruptcy by a foriegn investement firm. Rita ended up using her skills as a hired killer to pay off her tuition. Her global safari to find the "low-down under-handed critter" that stole her daddy's money has led her the island of Aztlan where she hopes to meet out her revenge. In the mean time she has been a hired gun for anyone that can afford her unique abilities.