String Theory

We're all puppets...

The Secret Labs of Prof. Balonium

There are few places on Earth that are more forboding than a military complex without government oversite or restrictions. To make things worse, the kinds of scientific research that are performed on this base could unleash vast uncontrollable forces that could restructure or destroy our planet at any time without warning.

Area 52.7 was located to the remote island of Aztlan by Prof. Balonium so that he could run a series of highly controversial and dangerous experiments that have been outlawed or highly regulated by most of the civilized world. The facility operates off of a geothermal power plant that provides it with a limitless energy source for all of the professor's experiments.

In addition to his studies in bio-engineering, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, Prof. Balonium also enjoys developing new weapon and defense systems which he sells off to the highest bidders. Due to the wealth he has acquired as an arms dealer Prof. Balonium has been gradually expanding his facility deep into the tunnel network under the island.

Prof. Balonium & the Area 52.7 Personell

Professor Dennis Balonium

Prof. Balonium has the air of an archetype for a clean–cut modern 1950's man. He is extremely intelligent and well versed in all of the sciences, however, his in-depth understanding of the structure of the universe has somehow disconnected him from reality. Although he is not in the least bit mean-spirited, he would create a device capable of annihilating humanity with the same enthusiasm as creating a cure for all diseases.

The professor tends to be absent-minded and has no conscience of the personal hazards he places himself in or the environmental impact of his creations. There is no risk he is unwilling to take in pursuit of knowledge. Quite often his experiments get the best of him and are unleashed upon the world.

His money comes from government grants and military contracts. Due to the nature of his work, he is sworn to secrecy and will not reveal the true nature of his profession. However, due to his absent-mindedness he cannot keep his cover stories straight and fumbles quite often when put on the spot.

His lab is a bright ultra-modern facility with walls lined with the old reel to reel computers, stainless steel operating tables, shelves filled with bottles and chemicals and the randomly placed contraption. Everything he builds has a “Retro-Futurism” feel to it.


Mary Kay Keen

This bright-eyed all-American girl is Prof. Balonium’s button pushing assistant. Although very well educated, Mary Kay’s bubbly personality belies her intellect and insight. This former cheerleader turned lab technician enjoys watching the effects of 'bright shiny machines with pretty flashing lights' that are littered throughout the professor's facility. She is notorious for happily doing whatever the professor says, even if it might kill him and/or destroy half of the planet.

Mary Kay has an unfortunate tendency for letting the professor in on the major flaws in his theories only after they have led to a disastrous outcome and will politely point them out to the professor after he wakes up in the infirmary covered with bandages.

When not involved with helping the professor out with his experiments, Mary Kay spends a great deal of time shopping in the clothing boutiques at the local village.

Mary Kay also likes cute furry animals, romance novels, Big Band music, race cars, dancing, Hollywood movies and is completely caught up in the "50s Kitsch" of American popular culture.




The Security Forces of Area 52.7

Some of the best equipped military forces on the planet are on the secret base of Area 52.7. Prof. Balonium has hired on the toughest and most battle hardened mercenaries to protect his facility. The question becomes, "Who will protect them from Prof. Balonium?" What would you suffer for high pay and extensive benefits while living in posh living quarters on a tropical paradise? Radioactive mutants? Flesh eating viruses? Disintegration? Inter-dimensional rifts? Whatever the threat, it's all in a day's work for these stout-hearted warriors.



The Common Cold (CC)

Although he may have a long dark history with humanity, CC is a compassionate and repentant virus with a sympathetic bond to all his hosts throughout the ages. Ever since Prof. Balonium converted CC's Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) over to a Deoxyribionucleic Acid (DNA) and given him a humanoid form, CC has been searching for a cure for the rhinovirus that has created so much misery for everyone. CC has the ability to speak with other diseases and believes that one day all diseases my live in harmony with their human hosts.


Dennis Balonium Jr.

In a reflective moment Prof. Balonium decided to create an heir to the Balonium legacy. By using his own DNA along with a little gene splicing he sought to create an improved version of himself. Immortality, super-strength, radiation resistance and expanded mental capacity are just a few of the gifts he implanted in his progeny. The side-effects of having such gifts can lead to some unexpected results. 




Rex Dogma

When supernatural forces come creeping in from the boundaries of reality, it's important to have a dedicated watchdog on patrol to keep the heebie-jeebies in check. Rex is hybrid of cybernetic technology and genetic engineering. He is a strategic fighter with keen senses that can see into the psychic realm. If any ghosts, spirits or demons try to take up residence in Area 52.7 he can quickly dispatch them with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) emitter that is imbedded in his chest.


Colleen O'Shannahan

Colleen is all too aware of the threat that Prof. Balonium poses to the world and has sworn to eliminate him if he gets out of control. While working as the professor's former assistant (the one before Mary Kay) there was a lab accident that pulled Colleen into a fold in space/time and she suddenly found herself lost in 15th century Feudal Japan. Lost, confused and disfigured by the explosion that her sent into the past; she was taken into the care of a shinobi master that taught her the martial arts of the ninja. In order to make her way back to the modern era, Colleen had to assassinate many political figures that posed a threat to the future she came from. With each assassination she found herself snapped forward in time by a few decades. After several successful missions she found herself back in her own timestream with a lot of new experiences to add to her resume. Colleen is not-so-secretly in love with Prof. Balonium and would regret having to assassinate him. Prof. Balonium in turn would like to fire her, but he's afraid she might kill him if she's taken off his payroll.

Mary Kay's Workstation

Mary Kay is willing to assist Prof. Balonuim in just about any experiment as long as it's from behind the protection of 2" thick bullet-proof glass. With a commanding "Push the button Mary Kay" the professor has Mary Kay activate a variety of devices which she monitors from a relatively safe distance.

In addition to heavy radiation shielding and protection from high-voltage electrical shock, Mary Kay's workstation provides a feminine touch to the lab with pink upholstery and glamor shots of some of her favorite movie stars. She also keeps a fire extinguisher close at hand just in case Prof. Balonium sets himself or the lab ablaze again.

Through foresight and careful planning, Mary Kay has gone unscathed through the most dangerous explosive mishaps due to the protective fortification of her workstation.